Project Description


SETS Project

Computerized Financial Information System of the Albanian Government is very important for the management of public finances in order to monitor and manage the government liquidity, record accurate financial government transactions and prepare the consolidated financial reports of the government. The public will also benefit from the expansion of the Financial Information System, as it provides transparency throughout the process of execution of the state budget.

The Ministry of Finance and the IPA 2008 Project "Support and Expansion of the Albanian Treasury System (SETS)” are collaborating closely       since April 2011in order to expand the Treasury system to enable the direct access of  Line Ministries and other budgetary institutions.

"Support and Expansion of the Albanian Treasury System (SETS)" Project is funded by the European Union and implemented by the Austrian Development Agency.

Since November 2012, five pilot institutions (Council of Ministers, Ministry of Finance, National Agency for Information Society, Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Communications and the National Roads Authority) are directly connected with the Treasury System which is now called Financial Information System.

These institutions directly execute transactions in a single system without having to physically go to the Treasury Office of Tirana. The Treasury System is fully integrated with the Albanian Central Bank and commercial banks.

Through the implementation of the pilot project, SETS Project assistance has made ​​it possible for 26% of the total state budget to be directly executed by the institutions mentioned above, as well as the information of 373 spending units that depend on these budgetary institutions is taken or given effectively.

Ten to fifteen Line Ministries and other budgetary institutions, including the Municipality of Tirana, will gradually be connected with the Government Financial Information System until April 2015. This will require the training of 60 to 140 other public administration officials about the government's Financial Information System. Through this expansion / action most of the state budget will be administered directly by the Albanian Government Financial Information System by improving government finances and increase transparency.

SETS Project: Support and Expansion of the Albanian Treasury System