Published on: 29 August 2014

Announcement on the mission of the International Monetary Fund in Tirana

The mission of the International Monetary Fund continues its tour of meetings with the  representatives of the Ministry of Finance, the Bank of Albania, Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Entrepreneurship, Tax Department, Customs, INSTAT, etc.


Meetings will be held until September 8 and the focus of the talks will be:


· Macroeconomic developments and prospects;

· Economic growth data;

· Inflation;

· Revenue performance, Tax performance;

· Payment of arrears;

· Reforms in the energy, pensions, etc.;

· Foreign investments;

· The current level of debt and plans for the future;

· State budget, expenditures, ceilings, investments;

· Etc..


At the end of the talks, a joint conference and press release will be held.

The IMF visit is part of the memorandum of cooperation and 3-year deal worth about 331 million Euros.

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