Published on: 19 May 2014

Agreement of Watter Supply Project with UniCredit Bank of Austria


The signing ceremony was attended by the Minister of Finance Mr. Shkelqim Cani, the Ambassador of the Republic of Austria in Tirana Mr. Schnöll Thomas, the Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Mr. Ylli Manjani, thesenior manager of UniCredit Bank Austria Mr. Gerd Rode and the District Mayor of Dibër Mr. MelaimDamzi.

The Minister of FinanceMr. Shkelqim Cani after signing the agreement of export credit with the representatives of the Unicredit Bank Austria, said that this agreement is supported by the Second Agreement of Financial Collaboration between the Albanian government and the Austrian government, by which the Austrian party allows the Albanian government to have access to soft loans in order to finance priority projects for development.

While the Austrian ambassador in Tirana, Mr.Schnöll Thomas said after the ceremony: "Let me express my great happiness that the talks and negotiations with the Ministry of Finance produced a satisfactory result today, by signing the soft loan for financing the Project of Water Supply in Peshkopi. I would like to express my gratitude for the good conduct of the negotiations and decision-making associated with this project. I also would like to thank the Albanian Ministries involved in this transaction

. The UniCredit Bank of Austria representative, Mr. Gerd Rose, said: "Firstly let me express my happiness for the achievement of this contract today. Water supply is one of the key elements of our development and  that of Albania, in terms of soft loans, but also for the Austrian Development Agency (ADA). The water supply project in your community is very important in terms of a sustainable project, and we always strive to implement sustainable projects in the long term. I think it is important for the country and we always try to be in line with the European standards, because we want to support your country on the path towards the European Union. I thank all the participants, the UniCredit Bank of Austria, and once again congratulate and thank the Minister ".

The district mayor of Diber Mr.MelaimDamzi thanked the Austrian government for the donation and said: "This is an important initiative to Diber and I believe that this one will continue to attract other projects one after another. Once again I thank all the participants for the help".

In the period 2003-2008 partial rehabilitation of the water supply network were performed inPeshkopi. Through this financingis expected to reach a final solution of the drinking water supply to the area, as well insuring a sustainable service and financiallyaffordable service for the consumers. The deadline forthe  implementation of the structure is 18 months.

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